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Oakland Ballet

  • Choreographed "I Almost Lost My Mind" for the production of West Coast Blues. 2019 

  • Co-choreographed an original 6-person piece inspired by the Mexican folk tale, "La Llorona," for Oakland Ballet's spring production, Scene & Heard. 2018 (see video below)

Ziru - Silicon Valley Dance Festival

  • Guest Choreographer for "A Letter from Mi Abuela". 2020

  • Commissioned by Silicon Valley Dance Festival & Philein Wang to choreograph a solo (2016), a trio (2017), and another solo (2020) on ZiRu Dance Company members (see trio video below)


Commissioned by the Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers to choreograph and perform a solo piece, "KUNH". 2017 (see video below)

The College Preparatory School

Commissioned to choreograph for the Spring Program. 2019


Annual end of school year / end of program choreographies at San Francisco Youth Ballet Academy and Academy of American Ballet. 2013 - Present

LINES Ballet Program

While in the LINES Ballet Training Program I choreographed one solo and one trio. 2011/2012

choreography (HIGHLIGHTS)
La llorona

Debut: Oakland Ballet, Scene and Heard, 

June 2, 2018

Choreographers: Vincent Chavez & Ramona Kelly

Dance Artists: Coral Martin, Richard Link, Sharon Kung, Nina, Landes Dixon, and Adonis Damian Quinones

Costume Design: Christopher Dunn

Lighting Design: Patty-Ann Farrell

Music: Rain Storm and The Well composed and performed by Sergio & Odair Assad; Reversible Cowboy composed and performed by Ida Presti and Alexander Lagoya

Running Time: 10:00 minutes

Based on the Mexican folklore, La Llorona or The Weeping Lady


Debut: Silicon Valley Dance Festival, 

September 29, 2017

Dance Artists: Kirill Berezovski, Michael Galloway, and Charles Roy, Jr.

Video Credit: ZiRu Dance Company

Running Time: 3:37 minutes

A tribute to brotherhood. As taught to me and my brothers by my Father, brothers have each others' backs no matter what. Even if separated by miles you come together as one.


Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers, November 10, 2017

Dance Artist: Vincent Chavez

Costume Design: Eimaj Design by Jamielyn

Video Credit: Mark MacBeth

Running Time: 3:21 minutes

“Kunh” is an Apache word for fire. The piece is about embracing all aspects of identity including my Native American ancestry through the fire that dances in my heart.

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